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Cosmopoliet Nomade

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Brand: Cosmopoliet
Type: Nomade
Year: 1957
Hookinscription: 23.1.59
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Designer: Jo Bouchette, Epe (died in 2002 at the age of 100)
Technical engeneer: Ir. Kapma
Size: Length without axle: 232 cm
Length with axle: 307 cm
Width: 134 cm
Height: 172 cm
Tire-size: 4.00 - 8
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Material: Sides made of 8 mm Bruynzeel plywood (watertight)
Front, top and rear 6 mm
Undercarriage T- and L-profile
"Bergische Achsen" axle
Color: The color of the front, top and rear of the caravan, is white and the side panels are transparantly coated wood with a white wave in the middle.
Interior: The complete interior is made of wood. There is a store cupboard at the right side. The door of this cupboard can be lowered and be used as a small dinning table.
There is a (wooden) bench inside with a double function as a 1-person bed when it's folded out. With a supporting beam underneath it you can sleep on top and two persons on the bottom! So it's a 3-persons caravan...
The original curtains are still present and are red with a white stroke (square) patern.
The rear 'door' of the caravan is the way in. Turned horizontal, it can be locked in that position and a tent can be attached to it. So you'll have a lot more storing place.
In this 'topdoor' are small hooks to hang towels or clothes on ;-)
The front and rear window are on the same height so you can look in the rearvieuwmirror of your car to car behind you.
The round and oval window contain the origional glass marked bij the text:
Cosmopoliet Nomade met tent